VWAP documentation

VWAP Documentation

Getting Started

Immediately after the successful purchase you will receive an email from us with the download link and your personalized licence. Please also check your spam folder in case you do not find the email.

Click the link to download the file. In case the download does not automatically you can also download the file from your account. 

Make sure NinjaTrader 8 is closed before you start with the installation.

Find the .exe file on your PC and open it. If a windows window pops up, give permission to run the file.

It then should look similar to  this: 

  • Click Install to run the installation.
  • Finish and close the window after that.

After installing the tool successfully, you now can open NinjaTrader 8.

Go to a chart to appl the Anchored VWAP.

  • Click on the drawing tools, so all tools will show up. You will find the VWAP tool at the bottom of the list. Click it and the click once more to apply to the chart.
  • A window will pop up, since this is the first time you are using the tool. Copy the activation key from your email and paste it into the pop-up window. Activate your licence.
  • Your machine is now successfully activated.

  • Left-click on the Anchor of the VWAP. Now hold the simply drag and drop the anchor to the bar / candle of your interest.

Double-click the VWAP so access the settings.

  • Check “Plot Pice” to make the price of the VWAP visible
  • Open the sub menu of the line by clicking the small arrow left to “Line”. You can then change the style as you want.
  • Important: Once you like the style you want to save those settings as a default template, so you do not have to repeat this process over and over again. To do so click “template”

  • Click “save”

  • Click default, since you want to overwrite the default template. 
  • Click save and overwrite the existing default template.
  • You could also save this template for specific purposes like a Year-To-Date VWAP with an other color. You would then go to “template-load” and load the template you prepared for special occasions.

As traders we need to be fast. With NinjaTrader 8 you can easily assign hot keys to the VWAP drawing tool. 

Here is how:

  • Control center -> Tools -> Hot Keys
  • Choose the category “Chart”
  • Scroll down until you see the VWAP

  • Record a Hot Key to your liking
  • Once you are working with a chart you can now use that hot key to use the VWAP with ease.